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Noir Tiff - Added 23/04/2018
Looking like a Film Noir Goddess and smoking incredibly seductively in my gorgeous corset. Just sit back and watch as the smoke blows out of my wet lips.... view the full set
Pretty Torment - Added 16/04/2018
Don't let me pretty little dress and cute glasses fool you, oh no. I'm about to tease and torment you until I make you both cry and cum. So get on your knees and listen exactly to what I tell you too, you sissy slut!... view the full set
Smoking Femdom's - Added 09/04/2018
Well we're ready to relax and have a long smoke. You can watch if you want but we don't care about you at all. So sit down like the dog you are and whimper in front of us. You might be able to smell our feet if you're lucky...... view the full set
Slapped By The Boss - Added 02/04/2018
We've got no time to take any shit from this gimp. He's getting slapped and punished until we get bored of his whimpering!... view the full set
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