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These are my very latest updates, new updates weekly!
A New View - Added 19/06/2017
A mirror view and lots of lovely close ups of myself fucking this pathetic little man with one of my huge strapon cocks!... view the full set
You Will Worship These Boots - Added 12/06/2017
3 gorgeous Femdoms, 3 pairs of PVC leather boots, and 1 pathetic sissy begging to worship them. I'm not taking any shit today from my wormy submissive either, he better beg very well or he'll be feeling my boots smash against his balls!... view the full set
Big Black Cock - Added 05/06/2017
Now this is the kind of big black cock that I'd like to use on that sissy little arsehole of yours. It's huge, and it will definitely hurt, and you will learn to love it!... view the full set
Lick Them Clean - Added 29/05/2017
I've added a naughty little blonde to my harem of subs and I've ordered her to clean my high heels using nothing but her tongue. She had best do a good job though otherwise she will be feeling the sharp end of my heels!... view the full set
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