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These are my very latest updates, new updates weekly!
The Three Of Us - Added 11/02/2019
It's just the three of us today but only one of us is going to get fucked absolutely senseless with a couple of monster strapon cocks. Can you guess who it is yet? She's going to absolutely fucking love it too, what a naughty little slut.... view the full set
Pretty Torment - Added 04/02/2019
Don't let me pretty little dress and cute glasses fool you, oh no. I'm about to tease and torment you until I make you both cry and cum. So get on your knees and listen exactly to what I tell you too, you sissy slut!... view the full set
Bring Out The Submissive - Added 28/01/2019
Two very horny FemDoms and one incredibly obedient sissy, doesn't that sound like a recipe for a bit of fun to you? Well it was for us and this submissive certainly didn't complain. Well to be honest, he knew much better than to complain!... view the full set
The Whip - Added 21/01/2019
Some of my lesbian lovers need a little more persuasion to do as they're told, and that's when I get out the whip. A few cracks of this on their soft bums always does the trick and gets them nice and submissive for me!... view the full set
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