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Off The Wall - Added 19/08/2019
Just hanging around by the wall, smoking seductively just how you like it. Watch me exhale all this smoke and imagine it being over your little cock!... view the full set
Cuck Husband Sex Party - Added 12/08/2019
I'm having a full blown sex party while my pathetic husband sits in the corner and watches me. What a little slut he is, he doesn't deserve me.... view the full set
Ball Crushing Practise - Added 05/08/2019
It's time for a little bit of ball crush practise. Just imagine your pathetic cock and balls in my hands just like these vegetables. Now watch me squeeze... hard.... view the full set
I'm The Boss - Added 29/07/2019
I never hold my dominant side back and when I'm feeling like I want to be in control, I head straight down to my dungeon and get one of my many submissives over for a bit of punishment. But, like most things, it's always fun to do it with a friend!... view the full set
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