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Long Boot Worship - Added 15/01/2018
Long boots like these deserve to be worshiped for an incredibly long time but I don't want your filthy paws all over them. You can look but don't touch!... view the full set
No Nonsense Women - Added 08/01/2018
3 no nonsense mistress' and 1 pathetic little gimp boy, ready and waiting to be punished and tormented. Perfect.... view the full set
Thigh High Boots - Added 01/01/2018
Thigh High boots get my pussy wet, even if my submissive's aren't doing it for me. But boots like these need to be specially cleaned and I prefer the tongue method. So will you obey and get down on your knees for me?... view the full set
My Dirty Present - Added 25/12/2017
I've decided to keep him as my dirty present but I don't mind sharing him with my friends, just to make sure he gets a real hammering.... view the full set
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